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Reading Summary, 2019

I’ve read 39 books this year, pretty much the same as last year’s total of 40. Genre breakdown:

Fantasy: 17

Science Fiction: 10

Horror: 8

Historical Fiction: 1

Mystery: 1

Mixed Genres: 1

Other: 1

During the year, I felt like I was reading more sci-fi than I have in previous years, but looking back at 2018, the proportion of science fiction is about the same. I also did not manage my goal of reading any nonfiction this year.

Favorite Book: Oathbringer, by Brandon Sanderson. At 1240 pages, it’s a doorstopper of a book, but it was worth every page. The continuing journey of the Knights Radiant, the return of a few favorite minor characters, and an epic climactic battle scene all made this novel riveting. Honorable mention to Tim Pratt’s The Wrong Stars.

Least Favorite Book: Ghost Wall, by Sarah Moss. There’s a great deal of social commentary in this book, as well as an understanding of how our knowledge about history is often incomplete. How much can we really say for certain about “how things used to be,” and how does that affect the way we view the present? However, the philosophical complexity of the narrative was undermined by a one-dimensional villain.