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“Horizon” by Fran Wilde

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Horizon concludes Fran Wilde’s Bone Universe trilogy. After sparking a revolution and learning a momentous secret about the city they’ve lived in their whole lives, Kirit and Nat must lead their people to a new home.

The new book dramatically expands the scope of the setting. Updraft and Cloudbound didn’t feel claustrophobic, despite the action being limited to the interlinked towers of one city, but whole new vistas open up for the characters here. Almost as remarkable for Kirit is the revelation that there are other people in her world, with their own customs and traditions—and their own answers to the problems of survival.

My one gripe is that we never learn why the city’s ancestors climbed the towers to begin with. The ground has its dangers, but so did the towers, and the ground certainly isn’t uninhabitable. And the series has always portrayed The Rise as something that happened out of necessity rather than choice.

Updraft was Fran Wilde’s first novel, and she created a breathtakingly original setting. I’m eager to see what kind of worlds she’ll explore in her future work.