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Reading Summary, 2015

This year, I read 22 books. Genre breakdown:

Fantasy: 5

Horror: 4

Historical Fiction: 3

Science Fiction: 2

General Fiction: 2

Mystery: 1

Mixed Genres: 5

This is a pretty typical mix for me, although usually I read one or two nonfiction books as well. Also, the distinction between “historical fiction” and “general fiction” is somewhat fuzzier than it’s been in previous years, since two of the novels I listed here as Historical Fiction were set in the early 20th century (1900s-1920s).

Favorite book: Northwest Passages, by Barbara Roden. This was a collection of short stories. Most of them fall into the horror category, but it’s a subtle horror that builds up an atmosphere of growing dread, rather than the jump-scare sort of horror.

Least favorite book: The Orchardist, by Amanda Coplin. I didn’t understand a lot of the actions of one of the major characters, and one particular stylistic choice by the author made the novel harder to read.


Happy New Year to all!

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